Users Conference 2019

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Translations of participants feedback


Ken Archibald, ITS
Jedes Jahr, das ich hierherkomme, lerne ich Neues über ZWARP-Prüfungen und wir können die neuen Dinge die wir gelernt haben auch miteinander teilen. Darüber hinaus bringen wir in diesem Jahr eine neue Idee zur Verbesserung aller Maschinen mit.

Konstantin Diener, SAF
We ourselves, as axle manufacturer SAF Holland, are interested in the wheel hub sector and have a lot of tests going on with the LBF, e.g. for the qualification of our wheel hubs and of course we want to stay up to date when it comes to the latest developments in technology.

Robert Bugbee, Conmet
We are a wheel manufacturer ourselves and have two BiAx machines in use, one in China and one in North America and of course, it is important for us to know what state of the art in this application technology is currently.

Ingo Hein, SIA
General topics and the meeting itself, you always meet the same people of the wheel industry; that’s the goal we have come for.