The competency centre for numerical structural durability analysis of rotating components



Stress & Strength GmbH is a competency centre that specialises in the development and distribution of special software for the numerical structural durability analysis of rotating chassis components. Working in close collaboration with Fraunhofer LBF in Darmstadt, we apply the numerical methods developed by the Institute to applicable and marketable software and distribute this independently. As a partner with a broad range of expertise, we perform research and development for business partners in the automotive, rail and aerospace industries, and in the fields of medical technology, optics and mechanical engineering.

We use our many years of experience to support our clients in various fields of numerical analysis as part of CAE services and client-specific software development. The S&S Academy also offers training, workshops and seminars for the developed software products.

Stress & Strength GmbH is also a project partner for funding and research projects in the field of structural durability and numerical analysis.

Stress AND Strength