User Conference

The Fraunhofer LBF has been organizing the international meeting for scientists, motor vehicle and commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers every two years since 1977. It sees itself as a forum for discussing new developments in the market for testing and inspection technologies and for discussing trends in testing and manufacturing technologies with experts from Europe, the USA and Asia. Today, biaxial wheel testing technology (ZWARP/BiAx) is known and accepted worldwide and has increasingly established itself as an international standard for more safety in vehicle construction. This is also reflected by the visitors, whose cross-section has become more and more international in recent years.

The lectures are held by Fraunhofer specialists as well as by customers and partners of the LBF, thus covering the greatest possible interest.



Users Conference 2023 (UC16)

The BiAx users meeting takes place 7th-8th November, 2023 (UC 16). This year we will meet us again live in Darmstadt at Fraunhofer LBF.


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Users Conference 2021 (UC15)

The BiAx users online update meeting took place online on November, 3rd 2021 (UC 15).


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Past Events


Users Conference on Biaxial Fatique Testing 2019


Users Conference on Biaxial Fatique Testing 2017

Users Conference on Biaxial Fatique Testing 2013