Numeric durability evaluation of Wheels/Hubs

The tools of the numeric simulation of the hub/tire system get completed by LBF® WheelStrength & HubStrength. With interfaces to the world’s most used FEM Codes, this software for numeric structural durability analysis of tires and hubs can be integrated at existing CAE environments and offers efficient features, e.g. physical tire transmission function or the automatic calculation of the required fatigue strength (RFS) for each node of the simulation model.

This pre-evaluation usually can’t validate the final durability evaluation and the release of a safety-relevant component because the precise data of the tolerable stresses are depending on the production process, the assembling and the complex stress-time-history. At the end of the development the components must be tested under realistic stress that is simulated by the ZWARP. In case of over dimensioning where huge safety margin is incorporated the test may be not that relevant.

Numerical simulations based on customers CAD data are performed by LBF engineers with many years of experiences. For using the software by your own R&D department please contact LBF spin-off “Stress & Strength GmbH”.

Stress & Strength GmbH